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Oil & Gas Projects
We are instrumental in rendering most effective Oil & Gas Projects . We make use of hi-tech equipment and systems for the oil & gas projects. We have gained huge appreciation among the clients by offering unmatched quality service at most competitive rates.
Bluewater Energy Services
Design, build, own and operate equipment and systems, such as Single Point Mooring (SPM) Systems, Floating Production Storage and offloading units (FPSO) and offshore terminals, for the offshore production and transfer of oil and gas.

The combined power of our engineering skills, technological expertise and operational excellence has made Bluewater the most successful independent operator in the north sea – one of the world’s most challenging oil provinces. Today, Bluewater technology provides its clients with the means to overcome a host of economic, environmental, logistical and technological challenges.

Bluewater execute projects within schedule and on budget. No compromises are ever made towards safety, and a proactive approach towards care for the environment is inherent in everything we do.

The Turret Buoy
The turret moored calm buoy – commonly known as the “Turret Buoy” – was the first major innovation, all the way back in 1978. It enables to provide reliable and overhaul-free operations of a clients” calm buoy terminal and, to date, every single one of our 60 turret buoys have been permanently operational in the field at the lowest possible lifecycle costs in the industry. Many have now been operational for more than twenty five years.

Wishbone Mooring
In the early 80’s bluewater tackled its client’s need to permanently moor large vessels in shallow water and under harsh conditions with a remarkable innovation – the wishbone mooring system. Since its introduction, the wishbone has been successfully applied on many projects, both in connection to a calm buoy and to tower systems. Today, Bluewater enjoys an ongoing reputation as a leader in wishbone solutions for both floating storage and production projects. Project development thanks to our continuous testing program on various high-pressure swivel configurations, which has been running for more than 15 years.

Full Operational Lease
In 1993, Bluewater introduced the north sea’s first full operational lease contract from wellhead to refinery, for an FPSO. This was a major industry innovation at the time and Bluewater have amassed tremendous experience in the concept of “design-build-own-operate" since then. Today, Bluewater expertise, especially in harsh and demanding oil provinces, is second to none, and Bluewater ensure a cycle of continuous improvement by integrating Bluewater experiences into design plans for future projects, no matter where they operate, Bluewater clients are assured of safe, reliable and high-quality production operations.

Italgru Srl

Italgru S.r.l, Italy design, manufacture & supply pedestal offshore cranes since 1954 for oil & gas platforms, FPSO, FSO & Drilling Rigs up to 240t lifting capacity. Italgru cranes are lattice boom which are easy to assemble & operate, these cranes are either Electric Hydraulic (EH) or Diesel Hydraulic (DH) system depending upon the client’s requirements. Cranes are operated and controlled either from fixed position or by radio signals in both cases with perfect visibility of the operating & during load handling.


  • Black Tip Project (Australia) SAIPEM
  • Sabratha Platform (Libya) Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Ikalou & Ikalkou South (Congo) Rosetti Marino S.P.A
  • Pointo Noire (Congo) ENI Congo S.A
  • ONGC India BPA-BPB through EPC GOL
  • ONGC India Sagar Pragati (MOPU) through EPC Reliance Defence

Cranes have following features also:
  • Flange for adaptation to the columns of the rig.
  • Dual drive system for control of slewing that permits the cranes to operate under conditions of strong off lead and side led angle.
  • Tubular lattice boom and/or box type boom with wide base section with wide base section.
  • Approval by main International Authorities (RINA, Llyods, ABS, DNV, BV etc. ) for the relative path certification of the equipment path.
  • Possibile to position the drive cabin where needed in order to obtain the best working conditions.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Insulation and surface protection suitable for a marine environment.

ITALGRU has also designed a new electronic system that allows for integrated control of all the functions within a crane. The new system includes CAN bus technology, a large memory bank, different data transmissions and even a touch screen display.

ITALGRU active heave compensated subsea Offshore Cranes have been designed for the most challenging conditions. With lifting capacities up to 300 down to 3400 meters depths, ship-to-ship or subsea lifts to and from the seabed are controlled by a powerful control system ensuring safety and precision in any situation.

All functions for active heave compensation, auto-tension, tugger and auxiliary winch functions are an integral part of the ITALGRU control system.

Optional features:

  • Active boost or semi-active type
  • Dynamic load calculators
  • Wire log
  • Snatch damping
  • Remote control
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Moon pool bundling
  • Low temperature package
  • Man-riding
  • Operator training
  • Simulator training

Bassi Offshore Srl

Bassi Offshore has 20 years of experience and know-how as an engineering and marketing company with extensive interest in the field of Marine Hoses and ancillary equippers having its manufacturing facility in North East Italy.

Hoses are qualified according to OCIMF 1991 and GMPHOM 2009 for internal pressure of 15 to 21 bars with internal diameter from 150 mm (6”) to 600 mm (24”) and are also prototyped and certified according to API 17 K.

Bassi Offshore’s mission is to manufacture and supply hoses which guarantee excellent performance and that are highly reliable in the most demanding, stringent and extreme marine terminal environments.

Bassi Offshore has a full range of OCIMF single carcass and double carcass hoses, including Catenary and Reeling solutions and applications for both floating and submarine hoses.

Bassi offshore hoses are used in all the most common and typical system configurations worldwide: Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM), Single Anchor Leg Mooring (SALM), Tandem Mooring System (FPSO / FSO and Shuttle Tanker), Reel applications for both floating and submarine hoses.

Fully in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and API Q1 certifications Bassi Offshore is able to offer : -

  • Design and Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Trade
  • After Sales Services (Inspection, Repair works, Recommendations on use of lines)
  • Advisory Services for Installation and Commissioning of RUBBER OFFSHORE and ONSHORE HOSES

More than a hose designer and manufacturer...

Bassi Offshore offers package of services such hoses, Marine Breakaway Coupling, Butterfly Valves, Camlock, Spool Pieces, Hang off and Pick up Chains, Marker and Pick up Buoys, Floats, Stud bolts and Gaskets, Winker Lights, Y-Pieces, Blind Flanges.

Bassi Offshore also pride themselves on their in-house expertise to cater for specific issues related to installations, as problem solvers and specialized hose providers.


  • Global Freight Shipping by Sea or Air
  • Advisory Services to Installation and Commissioning of hoses and ancillary equipment
  • On Site Repairs for hoses
  • Recommendation on the most suitable solution for customized applications
  • Project Engineering and Project Management for complete string (hoses and ancillary equipment)
  • Installation and Operating Manuals
  • Bassi Offshore has also references for different applications including Ship to Ship transportation (STS) with hard-wall hoses used for the suction and discharge of petroleum products
Sensorlink As, Norway

Online and real-time wall thickness monitoring solutions

Ultrasonic pulse-echo measurement is a well-established Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method for measuring wall thickness and detecting defects. When it comes to corrosion monitoring, ultrasound has distinct advantages compared to other available techniques. It is non-invasive and measures the metal thickness directly and not via more or less dependable indicators.

Sensorlink utilize ultrasonic pulse-echo technology to provide accurate measurements of internal corrosion and erosion rates.

The UltraMonit® system is based on the well-established ultrasonic pulse-echo method, where special processing methods have been developed enabling high resolution and accurate wall loss measurements.

The Sensorlink UltraMonit® technology is among the best on the market with respect to precision, accuracy and speed of detection for non-intrusive wall thickness monitoring, corrosion rate estimation and corrosion profile estimation.


High accuracy pipeline corrosion monitoring and wall thickness measurement

The PipeMonit tool is a non-intrusive (NDT) “clamp-on” monitoring tool for wall thickness measurement of onshore and topside pipelines. An advantage of the system is that customers can optimize their use of corrosion inhibitors or can predict the remaining service life of their pipeline.

Key advantages:

  • Accurate erosion estimates increase the service life of Pipelines – improves OPEX
  • Autonomous operations, no manual labor required in operation
  • Dry coupling of sensors increases reliability and eases operations and installation
  • Gives immediate feedback on the effectiveness of corrosion Inhibitors
  • Data easily available for the customer via a secure web Interface
  • Customization of the ultrasonic sensors as belts, strips or as area sensing
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications such as pipe bends and joint monitoring

Data communication

The PipeMonit unit communicates via cable, wireless link or cell phone network to the Sensorlink server. If wireless communication is not possible, the data are stored inside the PipeMonit system. Consequently data can be retrieved with a direct hook up using a laptop or by replacing the memory card. The PipeMonit has an internal long-life bettery.


High accuracy pipeline corrosion monitoring and wall thickness measurement

UltraMonit is a system that effectively monitors internal corrosion and erosion rates in pipelines using ultrasound technology to provide highly accurate measurements. The system is a “clamp-on” tool, meaning that the installation and utilization of the equipment does not interfere with the operation of the pipeline in any way. It is ideal for new and existing pipelines.

Key advantages:

  • Non-intrusive, meaning no threat to pipeline integrity
  • Flexible number and placement of sensors in the UltraMonit tool
  • Immediate feedback on the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors
  • Online or remote operation
  • Real-time data readout
  • Automated measurement, logging and analysis
  • Flexible reading intervals determined by operator
  • Direct access to results from via secure web interface

Subsea installation

The UltraMonit equipment can be installed and operated without interfering with the operation of the pipeline. It can also be removed and reinstalled in another location if the client desires. In the case of subsea pipelines, the equipment is deployed through use of an instumented clamp which can be installed on new or existing pipelines by diver or ROV.

Data Communication

The UltraMonit system communicates wirelessly via acoustic moderm or alternatively via cable or optical link, as well as satellite or radio link from surface to the UltraMonit server.

Alternatively, a cable to a surface communication buoy or platform can be installed, and if not viable, data stored in the UltraMonitO controller can be retrieved by an ROV or diver. The controller is designed for long-term data storage due to its internal long-life battery.

Sebotech Co. Ltd.

SEBOTECH is a distinctive company with distinctive capabilities. Since its acquisition by Haeduk Powerway, SEBOTECH has and is still undergoing numerous changes and developments.

SEBOTECH is the only company whom has been awarded the construction of a welded type Aluminium Helidecks, such a product is a first in Asia and is unmatched by our competitors.

SEBOTECH merges experience and expertise with intelligence. SEBOTECH project team works to provide the customers with up-to-the-minute information & communication, valuable insights, and innovating products & solutions.

SEBOTECH promises to provide extensive services for each and every single customer, for any project and products, anywhere around the world. We are dedicated and committed to successfully create value for our customer and to succeed with our customers. We believe our existence and growth depends not just on our success but, the success of our customers as well.

With 21 years of experience in complex structures, SEBOTECH has been supplying Aluminium and Steel Helidecks to the Oil and Gas industry through an integrated turnkey approach.

Helideck Solutions:

  • Aluminum Helidecks with steel Sub-Structure
  • - Bolted Type

    - Welded Type (unique worldwide)

  • Steel Helidecks & Sub-Structure
  • Safety Decks Type
  • - Normal Decks

    - Enhanced Safety Decks

  • Handrails
  • Gangways
  • Stair Towers
  • Hatch Covers & Door Solutions
  • Wall & Shielding Solutions (Wind wall & Door Solutions)

Efficient and reliable delivery and installation are key to a successful construction. Our experienced teams objective oriented, well trained, and highly efficient. We are ready to deploy in order to complete difficult tasks and projects.

Fendercare Marine

Fendercare Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine equipment and services. With many years of experience in a wide range of specialisations, uniquely placed to provide effective solutions for any business involved in ships or the sea. Fendercare Marine provides a range of specialist services and products to assist in the construction, maintenance and safe operation of pipelines and associated facilities. With a worldwide network of bases, ideally placed to supply equipment and provide support in many of the world’s oil and gas producing regions.

Serve four principal markets:
Commercial marine: Ship builders, owners and operators, port construction and management.
Offshore energy: Equipment and services for rigs, pipelines, shore facilities and support vessels.
Renewables: Extensive offshore experience is meeting the new needs of businesses investing in this vital area.
Naval: Jetty, berthing and shipboard solutions for the world’s navies. Quality of manufacture, innovative designs and efficient service are the hallmarks of all Fendercare Marine products and operations. Customers are served by an extensive established worldwide network of supply bases which bring local knowledge to our product and service development.

Diving Services
SPM Inspection and Maintenance

Technical support services, personnel and equipment for the topside and underwater inspection and maintenance of SPM’s and associated submarine pipelines. We are contracted to the UK Ministry of Defence for SPM inspection and maintenance in the Falkland Islands. We also subcontract personnel and equipment to other maintenance companies to assist them with their individual programmes.

Harbour, Port and Mooring:
Quay and bridge inspection and maintenance, marine growth inspection and clearance, scour surveys, subsea mooring, anti-corrosion protection SPM inspection maintenance and change out, debris and seabed clearance, pre-purchase surveys.

Mooring Installation, Maintenance and Inspection:
Inspection, maintenance and replacement of subsea moorings. Fendercare Marine is one of the largest distributors of subsea mooring equipment, chains and buoys with access to bases located in 15 countries and also provide topside and subsea.

Offer a comprehensive range of non-destructive testing and inspection services.
     • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
     • Penetrant Testing (PT)
     • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
     • Radiographic Testing (RT)
     • Visual Testing (VT)

Marine Pollution Equipment:
Supply specialist equipment for tackling marine pollution. Also provide maintenance packages for Mar-Pol equipment such as Desmi Ro-clean boom and skimmer systems.

Pipeline Coatings:
Provide a range of coatings to protect external pipeline surfaces from corrosion.

Pipeline Pigging:
Utility pigs are available to allow operators to carry out the following operations:
     • separation and batching
     • gauging
     • product removal
     • debris removal
     • general cleaning
     • wax removal
     • ferrous debris removal
     • product separation

Hire of Equipment:
Have a wide range of air diving and life support equipment for hire, including:
     • containerised decompression chambers
     • containerised dive control packages
     • containerised HP compressor packages
     • containerised hydraulic power packs (for use with deployment systems)
     • containerised diver hot water packages
     • two-diver deployment systems
     • SCUBA replacement packages.

Seaway Heavy Lifting Offshore B.V., The Netherlands

Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) is a leading offshore contractor in the global Oil & Gas and Renewables industry offering tailored Transport & Installation(T&I) and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation(EPCI) solutions. Seaway Heavy Lifting provides the expertise required for a complete installation scope of work (T&I), with the experience and capacity to achieve project goals regardless of size and complexity. Seaway Heavy Lifting is a Subsea 7 company.

Key deliverables::
• A full EPCI capability
• Optimised solutions
• The highest standards of safety and environmental protection
• Timely delivery of services, within budget
• Shared knowledge and expertise
• Tailored solutions
• Modern crane vessels, the latest hardware and large crane capacity

With versatile crane vessels and innovative equipment, SHL ensure timely access to remote deepwater and shallow water frontier locations and optimise the offshore installation schedule.

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s Monohull crane vessels, Stanislav Yudin and Oleg Strashnov, are fully owned vessels and have significant lift capacities and the Oleg Strashnov meets all DP 3 requirements of the offshore industry. Both vessels can handle lifts from cargo barges offshore the vessels offer a most efficient operational execution.

Stanislav Yudin:
Stanislav Yudin has a 2,500 tonnes revolving crane, a 500 tonnes auxiliary hook and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist. With 78.4 m on the main hook and 100.8 m on the auxiliary, the Stanislav Yudin is ideal for a broad range of offshore installation tasks. This Light Ice Class crane vessel has 2,560 sq. m of deck space (5,000 tonnes load capacity), with 20 m clearance between deck and boom at rest. It has an eight-point mooring system and combines high transit speed with shallow draft (5.5 m). There is accommodation for 151 persons and the helideck is equipped for S61 or equivalent

Key features:
• 2500-mt fully revolving crane
• 2560 m2 of free deck space
• High sailing speed
• Self-propelled
• Shallow draft of only 5.5m
• DNV classified
• Eight-point mooring system
• Modern, fully air-conditioned accommodation, including a hospital
• Fully equipped helicopter deck

Oleg Strashnov:
The Oleg Strashnov is a unique hull shape and is outfitted with the latest technology. Its 5,000 tonnes revolving crane has a main hook lifting height of 102m. There are 800 tonnes and 200 tonnes auxiliary hooks and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist. With generous deck space totalling 3,700 sq. m (8,500 tonnes load capacity) the Oleg Strashnov represents the ideal vessel for the installation of large, heavy structures. It is also equipped for the installation of TLP/SPAR foundations and topsides, together with the in-field installation of modules on FPSOs.

The ‘Oleg Strashnov’ is a state-of-the-art crane vessel available to clients worldwide. A unique feature of the vessel is the innovative hull shape which enables her to have a transit speed of 14 knots, combined with exceptional working characteristics for a mono hull design. This combination contributes to a further successful execution of projects. Lift heights of 100m for the 5,000mt main hook and 132m for the 800mt auxiliary hook enables the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects from dual hook upending of large jackets to heavy deck installations. The installed DP 3 system also enables the vessel to be employed for the installation of large and heavy subsea structures, TLP/SPAR foundations and topsides.

Key features::
• 5000-mt fully revolving crane
• High sailing speed
• DP 3
• Exceptional working characteristics

In addition to vessels Seaway Heavy Lifting own high quality support equipment, including rigging, hammers and a wide variety of pile handling tools, which enables to work efficiently and make reliable in delivering on commitments.

Lankhorst Ropes

Lankhorst Ropes is a member of the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group. With more than 200 years of experience and 1,250 employees, they are a worldwide innovative group with fully equipped production sites and R&D departments, located in The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece and Brasil, equipped for the production of a wide range of products in maritime and offshore ropes, technical yarns, fishing gear, Pure® composites, recycling and moulding material.

Lankhorst Ropes continuously strives for improved product performance, customer satisfaction and product innovation. Lankhorst Ropes has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

The new Lankhorst Ropes site of 6000 m2 is located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal and became operational in September 2012. It is the most modern factory in the world dedicated to production of ropes for the offshore industry. Positioned near the port of Viana do Castelo, the facility is well suited to produce heavy deepwater mooring ropes.

Offshore Division

Lankhorst Ropes produces a complete package of specialty products for the offshore industry which includes, but is not limited to, a full single point mooring (SPM) range, permanent deep water mooring lines and installation ropes, mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) lines, oceanographic lifting and coring ropes, deep sea heavy lift ropes, ship-to-ship (STS) transfer ropes and heavy lift slings.

Offshore ropes are manufactured at state-of-the-art production facilities in Portugal and Brazil. Lankhorst Ropes continuously strives for improved product performance, customer satisfaction and product innovation; and has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Lankhorst Ropes’ Portuguese factory is dedicated to the design, production and testing of offshore mooring ropes and specialty products such as deep water installation ropes. It is situated at Viana do Castello, on the coast 80 km north of Porto.

The factory covers some 3,600m² production facilities together with 2,400m² storage area. Situated close to the quayside, large reels of deepwater mooring rope are easily transferred for load out.

Deep Water Mooring

The factory is dedicated to the design, production and testing of offshore mooring ropes and specialty products such as deep water installation ropes. Modern production and testing equipment permits all the following activities to be undertaken in-house:-

  • Extrusion of rope yarns
  • Conversion (twisting) of flat yarn into rope yarn
  • Stranding of rope yarns into strands
  • Braiding or twisting of strands into sub-ropes
  • Closing (over braiding) of sub-ropes into mooring ropes
  • Length Measurement System (LMS) under tension <16 tonnes
  • Length marking under tension in 75 m increments
  • Axial (anti-twist) line marking
  • Full scale proto-type testing
  • Break strength testing <1200 tonnes
  • Tension-tension fatigue testing
  • Stiffness and elongation testing
  • Simulation of installation and “What If” scenarios.
  • Cut resistant jacket testing.

The company entered the Deep Water Tether market in 1998. With the recent addition of a new Herzog SE 1/12-2000 subrope braiding machine, all plant and equipment used is the latest generation state of the art machinery.